Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA
Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA

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Fidalgo Head

Recommended type of dive: Boat and Kayak

How to dive this site: A couple of small coves on the south wall of Fidalgo Head offer protection for anchoring your boat in shallow water. If doing so, it is recommended that you use two anchors (one at each end) to keep your boat from smashing into the rocks while unattended. It is also possible to use a "live" boat or tethered kayak at this site. Either way, begin your dive by descending down the rocky, sandy slope which offers some unique ledges and crevices at 70 - 80 feet. This area can be home to many large lingcod, rockfish, octopus and cabezon. CAUTION: Only dive here on a slack before an ebb current. NOAA has determined that slacks before a flood are unpredictable.

Directions to the site: As a kayak dive - Follow the directions to Skyline. Launch your vessel from the cul-de-sac at the end of Cabana Way. Head to the rocky point to your right, once past the wall at Skyline you will be on Fidalgo Head. As a boat dive - Launch from either Washington Park or Deception Pass Marina and head to the northwest corner of Fidalgo Island..