Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA
Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA

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Recommended type of dive: Boat

How to dive this site: Once inside the cove east of Polnell Point, anchor 25 - 35' of water. Make sure to display a dive flag before descending. It is not uncommon for many boats to be in the area. This is a very popular spot for collecting dungeness crab and it is the only real reason to dive here.

After you are geared up, follow your anchor line down to a sandy/silty bottom. Crab can usually be found dug into the sand in groups at depths of 25 - 35'. Make sure to get your bearings with a compass as it is easy to get disoriented inside a bed of eelgrass that runs parallel to shore at 15'. There are no distinguishing landmarks. This eelgrass at times is a good place to find crabs out of hiding if you can't find any dug into the bottom. Although there is seldom any current in the shallow waters of the cove, the strong pull from an ebb tide can make it difficult to swim towards the shore.

HAZARDS: Pay special attention in keeping away from the restricted area. At one time this was an explosive ordinance disposal area. Also do not touch anything suspicious looking you may find underwater.

Directions to the site from Oak Harbor: Take SE Pioneer Way from SR20. Follow Pioneer Way east to the Oak Harbor Marina. Public launch is available here. Once out of the marina, head south out of Oak Harbor and then east to Polnell Point. Go around to the east side of the point and anchor in the shallow cove. Be careful to keep clear of the shore inside Crescent Harbor. Several large rocks lie just beneath the surface and can wreck your vessel.