Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA
Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA

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Recommended type of dive: Boat and Kayak

How to dive this site: If anchoring your boat, you should dive here only at slack. Otherwise a live boat or tethered kayak is recommended. There is a series of rock reefs out from shore starting at 25 - 30' and descending down past 130'. The rock walls are home to many rockfish, greenling and lingcod. Be attentive in expecting the cracks and crevices, this site is known to be home to several Giant Pacific Octopus. Look for the piles of crab and clam shells, which give away their hiding spots.

If diving from a kayak launch from Possession Point State Park to the north and paddle south to Possession Point. Descend down close to shore and head southeast to a depth you are comfortable with. Remember to display a dive flag and an alpha flag which ever way you dive here since this is a high boat traffic area and a well liked spot for fishermen. HAZARDS: Deep depths, current, limited visibility, boat traffic and fishing line.

Directions to the site: GPS Coordinates: N.47 54, 349 W. 122 22, 612.

As a boat dive - Launch from Everett Marina, Mukilteo State Park, Langley Marina or appropriate site and head to the southeast tip of Widbey Island. Smaller boats can launch from boat ramp at end of Possession Road at Possession Park

As a kayak dive - From Oak Harbor: Follow SR20/Highway 525 South until reaching Langley Road near Langley, take a right onto Langley and follow it until taking a left onto Cultus Bay Road. Follow Cultus Bay Road until taking a right onto Possession Road. Continue on until reaching Possession Point State Park. Launch here.

From Clinton: Follow Highway 525 North until turning left onto Langley Road. Follow Langley until turning left onto Cultus Bay Road. Continue on until turning right on Possession Road. Continue on Possession Road until reaching Possession Point State Park. Launch here.